Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

Drake's first birthday came during one of the craziest times ever in our lives. We had just moved to a new part of the bay area (Albany, CA near Berkeley), I had just bought an orthodontic practice and during the week leading up to his birthday Sam's brother, Ryan, who had been watching Drake temporarily while were looking for new child care went missing. I had been tempted to cancel his birthday party but wanted desparately to celebrate this great event. Fortunately, an hour and a half before his party Ryan and his girlfriend were found stranded in the woods and we were able to celebrate both Drake's birthday and the finding of his brother. In fact, the media showed up to Drake's birthday party to interview Sam and his mom (http: Sam's mom wasn't going to be at the party and because she was down looking for Ryan she was able to attend. My moming and sister also came down for his birthday and my sister announced she was pregnant with a new little one. We celebrated in true Drake style with a pirate themed party as you'll see from the photos. So exciting! It was an eventful time and Drake handled it like a champ in his adorable way. We are so grateful to have him in our lives and look forward to many more birthdays with his smiling face! Thank you to all who came to his party!

Mary and Chase (Drake's former babysitter-we miss her!)

Molly (and my cousin Brooklyn in the background)

Dave (my cousin's husband) and Conner (Sam's cousin)

Sam's mom, Ginny his aunt Patty and my mom, Mary Ann

My sister, Gentry, myself and baby Stella


Drake's cake and my cousin's girls Cambria and Maya

Drake's actual birthday with leftover cake

My mom and sister (So glad they came!)

The happy FOUND couple Ryan and Viola

Drake likes to clean

Drake loves to sweep. He knows how to open the closet and pull out the broom or the swiffer and push it around the house. If only he could put his love to good use! I am going to guess by the time he can he won't have the love anymore. Oh well. Gotta love this kid!