Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mother's Day in the Park

I was quite excited this year to officially celebrate Mothers day. I say officially because I have made Sam buy me Mother's Day gifts every year since we have been married claiming that I was the future mother of his children and that deserved to be celebrated.
On Mother's day, Sam made me oatmeal for breakfast and let me take a nice long afternoon nap. We then ventured to a park Sam had seen on the map that looked cool. We drove through the Los Altos Hills to Foothill (?) park only to discover you have to be a resident of Palo Alto (they check your ID as you enter) to be able to enter the park. Lame. Talk about being exclusive.
Anyhoo, we just decided to go to the park a few blocks from our house. We relaxed, played with Drake and had snacks. We took Drake down the slide for the first time and it was faster down than I thought a little kiddie slide would be. Drake and I just about flew out of the slide. Sam thought the look of shock and fear on my face was hilarious.
Sam and Drake got me a massage for Mother's day which I thoroughly enjoyed the following weekend. We ended up having cereal for breakfast that night though, but you can't have everything, right?

Just Eat It!

Drake has started to enjoy playing with his toys. "Playing" is a relative term as his favorite thing to do is to shove them in his mouth and chew or suck on them. His favorite toys are his stuffed animals and he loves to find the nose, ear or other appedendage that he can easily fit in his mouth and go to it. All of these toys are now either wet or crusty looking from being wet. He cracks us up with the ferociousness in which he attacks these toys. When they say babies put everything in their mouths, they really weren't kidding!

Drake's duck
Drake's dog (his favorite-he loves the dog's nose!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The hiatus is over, hopefully...

So, I am full out admitting that I am a horrible blogger. I have not written (except for last nights most recent post) since Drake was born (he is now almost four months old). There is so much to say about him really but not enough time and energy to write about it (he is not a great sleeper). I hope you can bear with me as I play a little catch up here. I am now committing to try and be a better blogger but I really can't make any promises. Those with newborn babies know what I am talking about.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

La Dee Da!

When I was a kid we used to pull our shirts over our heads as we were taking them off and let them sit on our head. We would then shake our head back and forth and say "La dee da dee la dee da dee." We found this to be hilarious. This family amusement now continues with out my help as Sam finds Drake's clothing on his head to be quite funny. Almost every night as Sam is undressing Drake for his bath he yells, "Hey mom, look at me!" as Drake's shirt is draped over his head. Here you will see a sampling of these photos and the entertainment it provides us as new parents.

Drake at two months

Drake at three months