Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer trip to Seattle

We took a week long trip to Seattle this summer to be with family at the end of July. It was a crazy time with record breaking heat in Seattle (110 degrees!) and lots of bouncing around between family but it was great to see everyone. We spent two days at Sam's aunt's house on Mason lake. We then spent two days at a cabin my family had rented on Lake Kushman. We spent two days at Sam's mom's house. Sam left to head back home and to work and I spent the remainder of the trip at my family's house and bouncing between friends. I also got to babysit my nephew Gideon which was a real treat! Here are some of the highlights that we got on camera...

Drake with Great Grandma Roberts

Drake with Gigi

Drake with Uncle Neb

Sam wake surfing (I wimped out on the whole water sports thing)

Drake's first boat ride (He didn't really dig the life jacket!)

Drake's first dip in the lake with Great Aunt Serena

Drake with Grammy

Drake with Great Grandpa Chadwick

Four generations!
(The newest generation had just woken up from naps if you can't tell.)

4th of July 2009

Ok, so I am posting this a little late but that is just the way it goes.
This year for the fourth we didn't really have anything in particular planned. We had tossed around ideas all week long but come Saturday we really hadn't made any plans. Early that morning we had to help with our church fourth of July breakfast, but following that we were undecided. It is at these times that I feel a little blue that we are not closer to my family to make plans so I had pretty well decided it was going to be a lame holiday. Sam insisted though that we do something fun. He researched all the fireworks shows in the area and decided that we should head to Half Moon Bay. We had already missed the parade that day but there was to be a fireworks show off the water that night. We did a little shopping, at some italian food, walked along the beach and snacked on some delicious fresh cherries while waiting for the fireworks. I was skeptical, but it turned out to be a great day as a family!

Funky antique store in Half Moon Bay

Fuzzy pic but there was a group of dolphins swimming right off shore.

Me and my little guy on the beach

Sam. What else can I say?

Self taken family photo

Waiting for the fireworks

There they are!