Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was so fun this year. It was very low key. It was raining cats and dogs outside but we made the most of it. We just relaxed, napped, watched general conference and had our own little easter egg hunt for Drake in the living room. It was perfect. It was so fun to watch his face as he saw the eggs. He thought they were balls and threw them on the ground. He was pleasantly surprised to find treats inside.

Easter Egg Hunt

Bubbles from his Easter Basket


We took Drake on his first family trip to Hawaii. We went there with my whole family. It was fun to see him and my nephew Gideon play together and how our family has grown. It was the first time I had been to Hawaii (or any tropical vacation) with my baby. You know how much your life has changed since you had a baby but sometimes you forget those days when you didn't have one. Vacationing isn't quite the same. No more just laying by the pool/beach for hours napping and reading and sunbathing. You have to watch your child's every move, make sure they get their naps/meals and they don't sleep all that well on the trip in general. It was great to be with my family and be in such a beautiful place for sure but it was realization that these trips will never quite be the same and that is ok. I do have one of the cutest kids on the planet so I can't really complain.

Drake and his cousin Gideon
Drake playing in the sand with dad. He loved the sand more than the water.

Drake with Dad's three boobied, pregnant mermaid

St. Patrick's Day

Drake and his first words

Drake is communicating more and more. Sometimes his communicating comes in the form of a loud ear piercing scream when he doesn't get what he wants but other times he is starting to use words. Here is a video of me trying to get him to say his first word.

He can also say Dada (He has on a couple of occasions said mama but that is rare. He loves his dad!) and Ball. He has become assessed with balls lately. That is all he wants to play with. Such a boy.

He has also spelled out his first word in the bath tub.

*Viewer discretion advised

Again, such a boy. Was dad involved in this?