Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goodbye to the Mansells

I know I haven't not posted here in awhile (ok,ok for over a year!).  I tell myself that this is the way I should journal my son's life, but the days come and go and here we are a year later.  I won't try to catch up on all that I've missed so I'll just start where we are with no guarantees or pressure for regular posts but tonight was an event that should be documented so here it is.

Drake's nanny, Jenn, for over two years now is moving as her husband got a job in Santa Barbara.  She has been really great to us.  She is flexible, respectful and been so great to Drake.  Her little girls are just adorable and Drake has learned so much! He's learned primary songs and fun little sayings like, "You get what you get and don't throw a fit."  He knows where California and Washington (Gideon's house) are on the map of the US. He knows colors, letters and numbers.  He has spent hours at their house and grown so much. 

Tonight we went to a going away party for them.  Drake was having a great time playing with all the kids.  I didn't really think that Drake understood what it meant that they were moving.  We were getting ready to leave the party for the night and we told Drake to give Jenn a hug.  Just following the hug, he burst into tears.  I realized that he did understand that she was leaving and he knew this was the last time he would see her.  She then started to cry and me also.  Sam told me he had to step outside for fear that he too would tear up as well. He hugged all her little girls and cried most of the way home from the party. 

I think this may be the first time that I cried for the hurt my child felt.  I mean, I too will miss Jenn and her family don't get me wrong.  But to see the hurt my son felt about it was overwelming.  I am sure this will not be last time this will happen, but to feel it for the first time was heart wrenching.  I know we will probably see Jenn and her family again, but I am sure that Drake will miss the daily trips to the park, the bike rides, the yoga and the hugs from some darn cute little girls!