Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time goes by so slowly for those who wait

Three weeks ago the Doctor checked me and was surprised that I was already dilated and my cervix was "ripening" (Hope that isn't too graphic for anyone-you get so used to all this body talk when you are pregnant you sort of become immune). He said he didn't think I would make it to my due date. I was then in a panic. I was supposed to work for two more weeks (all those patients to reschedule and money I wouldn't make if he came early!), the nursery wasn't ready and my bags for the hospital weren't packed. Not to mention all the little things yet to be done like having the car seat checked or the breast pump ordered. Well, I ran around in a tizzy to get everything all ready, driving my husband crazy in the mean time with all the projects to wrap up. By the way, he refinished the dresser and the rocking chair. I recovered the rocking chair and painted the bookshelves. Sam's dad made (from scratch) the beautiful cradle. But alas, today is my due date and I am still pregnant.

My bags are all packed...
(With more stuff than I probably need)

The nursery is all ready...

And here I get to sit and wait for his arrival. It's enough to make a girl go insane!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My husband and I have been married now for almost eight years. We have moved three times to different places in the country where we have known no one or relatively few people. We have had a lot of time to spend together just the two of us and rely solely on one another.
We are very excited to now have a child on the way but we realize that those days spent just the two of us are numbered. As such, we decided as a Christmas gift to each other we would go on a little "babymoon". I was too far along to travel far nor did we have the money for an elaborate vacation so we opted to take a small road trip to Monterey, CA and spend one night there.

We headed to Monterey and it took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. Sam let me play all my favorite songs from my MP3 player all the way down there. It was very nice of him as he doesn't always enjoy all of my cheesy tunes.

We arrived at our hotel and checked in. It was called the Spindrift Inn and was absolutely adorable! We had a huge king size bed with a huge down comforter, pillow top and several pillows. It had a sauna in the bathroom (of which I could not use but cool none the less), a huge armoire, a balcony and best of all a cozy fireplace!

We decided to wander around Monterey's Cannery Row and check out all the shops. We then had dinner at a great seafood restaurant and ate like a king and queen. We got hot cocoa at Ghiradelli's and retired to our room to enjoy the fireplace. They came by to turn down the bed and give us a chocolate as well.
The next morning the hotel brought us breakfast to our room. It was so fun to sit on the balcony and eat it. Sam started the fire again and closed the damper therefore setting off the smoke detector.

We then went to the Monterey Bay aquarium. It was great! We saw octupus, penguins, sharks, sea otters and more. It was quite crowded but so much fun!

We ate lunch and did a little more shopping around the city. We made our last stop at the Antique mall with a few fun finds for our home. Too bad we got a parking ticket while we were in the mall.

We stopped at fishermans wharf on the way home and headed back to Mountain View to prepare for our new lives as parents. For anyone that is pregnant with their first child I highly recommend a babymoon in whatever form it may take. Enjoy!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pregnancy: A great time in your life

Well, since I am nearly done with my pregnancy, I can make an honest assessment about it. I had several friends tell me to "enjoy this time" and "it is so fun being pregnant". I would have to say that I would have to disagree.
I mean, I have had a relatively comfortable pregnancy. Relatively no morning sickness, constipation, stretch marks or varicose veins. I really should have nothing to complain about. But, I haven't really enjoyed it.
I haven't liked growing out of my clothes and buying new ones that really aren't that cute. Let's just be honest. I mean they have made improvements in maternity style but it still doesn't compare to your regular clothing selection. They are also kind of expensive and many times of poor quality.
I haven't enjoyed weighing myself at every Drs. appointment. Watching the pounds creep up is no fun. I always ask them if they really need to do it. At this point in my pregnancy (38 weeks) is it really necessary? I mean, I think I've gained enough. Come on!
I haven't liked my changing body and my increasing awkwardness or instability. Does anyone like having trouble putting on their shoes?
I haven't liked how I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for the last couple months and that only a handful of shoes now fit (I read somewhere that my shoe size may never be the same! What would I do with all my shoes!).
I haven't enjoyed being treated like I am handicapped either. People are always trying to help me or telling me I shouldn't do this or I shouldn't do that. I know how far to push myself!
I haven't liked being an emotional basket case and driving my husband crazy.
As much as I have complained here, I have liked feeling my baby move around inside me. I've liked the excitement of preparing for his arrival with the registry, the books, the showers and more. Ultimately, I have liked the health of the pregnancy and my baby and the joy I feel that I will soon have the chance to experience motherhood and love something like I never have before.