Thursday, August 19, 2010

My little monkey

Sunday morning I woke up to a start when I heard one of the doors in our house open. I jumped out of bed and opened our bedroom door only to find Drake's bedroom door open and him standing in the middle of his room with this blankets. He had been able to climb out of his pack n play for a month or so but this was his first time climbing out of his crib. At first I was panicked thinking he was going to fall and that I needed to hurry and run out and buy the toddler rail for his crib. Sunday afternoon Sam saw him gracefullly and carefully climb out of his crib and he has done it every morning ever since (and even one night while trying to put him to sleep). I am a little sad that I have no place to "trap" him for awhile (is that bad?) and that he is growing up too fast. He is no longer my baby anymore he is my little boy.