Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's Potty Time!

At Drake's 18 month appt with the pediatrician she suggested I buy a potty for Drake as some kids become interested in potty training around his age. I bought it and for the most part it has just sat in our bathroom collecting dust except for when Drake puts it on his head and wears it as a hat. Recently though, we have been putting him on the potty before bath time every night and sometimes randomly through out the day if he shows interest. He has never actually done more than just sit there and point out his body parts using the anatomically correct terms (except the belly button is called beebo) and wipe his back with toilet paper. Tonight was a different story. He actually peed in his potty! We were so excited! I am not sure if he is ready for the full out potty training (or if we are ready either) but I think we had a good start today. Yay!

On another note, due to Drake's monkey ways and climbing out of his crib while we are trying to put him to bed we installed a toddler rail on his convertible crib. Tonight was his first night sleeping in it. We have also had to take the nob off his door handle to prevent him from getting out of his room. (I know it sounds cruel locking him in his room but he has just been so difficult to get to bed lately and I worry about him getting up and wandering around the house, ok?) Tonight he cried when I left him in his room to go to sleep and cried at the door. I went back into his room after 5 minutes, stayed there for a little while and left again. Again he cried at the door for 10 minutes. I again went back in and put him in bed stayed for a few minutes and left. He again got up and cried at the door. This time I was going to leave him for 15 minutes but heard no crying after a few minutes. A little while later I went to check on him and sure enough he had fallen asleep on the floor by the door. What a crazy kid! I put him in bed and hopes he will stay there and sleep well. After it taking almost a year to get him to sleep completely through the night we have been so spoiled to have a great sleeper for the past nine months or so. This has rocked our world but as all the parents out there know that every time you get into a routine with your child you know that it is sure to change!

My baby is growing up way too fast. Slow down, love!