Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why are we always wearing sweatshirts at the Beach?

Not this past weekend but the one previous, I had wanted to stay home and continue our quest to baby proof our home and organize our storage area. BORING. The weather was nice and Sam decided that since we have few nice weekends before fall and winter hit we had better head to the beach for one last summer trip. We checked the weather and decided to head to a beach that we had never been to 1) because it appeared to be warmer and 2) it was closer to our house. We went to San Gregorio beach. Well, it wasn't that great of a beach, there wasn't a cute little town associated with it nor was it in any way warm. But, we had a good time anyway as a fam.
I do need to add a side note. The Bay area is full of beaches and coastline. I keep hoping to head to the beach at some point for the true beach experience and lay out in the warm sun in my bathing suit, get a tan, dip in the ocean, etc. This has yet to happen here. The beach is often times cold, foggy and rainy and the water is freezing! Guess I need to head down south for the "real" beach experience.

A tooth! Makes mama proud.

Preface: I normally only work three days a week but the last two weeks I have had to take some continuing education courses on one of my days off in order to keep my dental license. This past weekend was also quite busy as my mother-in-law and one of my best friends were in town. Then yesterday Drake had to go to a new babysitters house as our normal babysitter is out of town for the week.
So, yesterday at the babysitter Drake would not have anything to do with his bottle. He would suck on it for a few minutes and then push it away. He normally drinks anywhere from 12-16 ounces during the day while I'm gone but yesterday he drank 3-4! I breastfed him when I got home and of course was ravenous. I then also fed him some solid food and he ate a lot but seemed a bit fussy. He had been acting kinda weird all day. I didn't know if it was the busy weekend, the new surroundings, me being gone more or the new nipple on his bottle! I finally put my finger in his mouth to check his gums and sure enough I felt something hard. At eight months he was finally getting his first tooth! As a dentist mom you worry about these things but now I can relax as his dental development is proceeding forward. His sleep hasn't seemed to have been to interrupted by the whole thing so that is good. Oh wait, I think I hear him awake now...Ugh! (Sorry no pics yet. He won't even let me have a good look at it let alone hold still long enough to take a picture. Maybe later.)